The results from the monitoring at the SEAPOP key sites are summarized in our annual short report from the programme, also in English. The report includes detailed tables with estimates of rates of population change, reproductive output and adult survival for various species at 14 different sites.

The report summarizes, in English, the 2018 breeding season at all the SEAPOP key sites, with assessments of rates of breeding success, population change and survival of 18 species. Naturally, the results coincide with those given in the Norwegian annual brochure “Sjøfugl i Norge 2018”. The report also presents tables with a detailed overview of the results from each key site.

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Contact person: Tycho Anker-Nilssen, NINA

Upon capture, the birds are ringed for later identification, and at the same time they are weighed and measured. Here, a fieldworker measures the head length of an Atlantic puffin on Spitsbergen.
Photo: Sébastien Descamps