SEAPOP monitors the distribution of non-breeding seabirds along the coast during two periods of the year: autumn and winter. We have made data available from the autumn and winter counts in our data portal.

Autumn populations

SEAPOP has mapped the autumn populations of seabirds in all of Norway, except for Jan Mayen, Bjørnøya, Hopen and Kong Karls Land on Svalbard. The focus in the first decade of the programme has been the moulting marine duck species, but also other species have been registered at the same time.

Overwintering populations

The total populations of overwintering seabirds are mapped along the coastline of mainland Norway. In addition, a number of areas are monitored on an annual basis, both under the umbrella of the National Monitoring Programme for Seabirds (under SEAPOP’s responsibility) and SEAPOP itself. The combined results from the mapping and monitoring of overwintering seabirds will over time yield estimates similar to those generated for the breeding populations.