The SEAPOP web site has now been moved to a new content managing system and new servers. The conversion should not lead to any changes for visitors of the site, and the content will mainly be the same as before. Feedback regarding any flaws and errors is very welcome.

To external servers

The process of moving the SEAPOP web site to the content management system (CMS) WordPress started in 2020, and is now in its final stage. Moving the site to a more modern and updated CMS was necessary in order to continue presenting and managing the web site in a proper way. The SEAPOP web has been moved from servers at the Norwegian Polar Institute to an external company in Tromsø, which will be responsible for the technical maintenance from now on.

Feedback wanted

Prior to re-launching, the site could not be reached for a few days, which we apologise for. We are working to get all content and functionality in place. However, we cannot expect everything to work as normal in this transitional period. Therefore, we will appreciate all feedback regarding our web pages, so that we can correct any errors as quickly as possible. If you’d like to report any flaws and errors, whether it is in content, links, menus, layout or anything else, please contact Erlend Lorentzen (